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Flex Insurance
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Flex Insurance offers residential strata cover that meets all the minimum legislative requirements whilst being flexible and easy to customise to suit your building.

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Why choose Flex Insurance?

In the modern world of Uber, Netflix and AirBnb we expect choice and simplicity. That’s why we developed Flex Insurance, a residential strata cover so flexible and affordable you can customise it to suit your building - and only pay for what you need.

Flexibility - design your own policy Icon

Flexibility - design your own policy

Market leading fully flexible strata insurance with the ability to customise your policy to suit your strata building.

Simple and Affordable Icon

Simple and Affordable

Flex cuts through the confusing insurance jargon with easy to understand strata policies helping you choose the right cover for you.

24/7 Claims Icon

24/7 Claims

24/7 claims service and support with emergency assistance to get you back on your feet as soon as possible.

40 Years of innovation Icon

40 Years of innovation

Supported by Australia’s leading strata specialist CHU Underwriting Agencies.

Residential Strata Insurance

Your cover your choice

A strata property consists of multiple 'lots' such as units, apartments or townhouses. The 'lots' are owned by individuals along with shared common property that includes the building itself, corridors, roofing, garden and driveways. Residential Strata insurance is designed to cover the strata building and common property against loss or damage.

Automatic inclusions
Required by law

Your Property

Cover for your building and common property against loss or damage.

Required by law

Liability to Others

Cover for compensation from personal injury or property damage.

Optional inclusions
Pay for what you need

This summary is a guide only. Please visit our Residential Strata Insurance page for full details of the terms, conditions and exclusions.

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What is residential strata building insurance?

If you’re looking at arranging your strata property insurance you may be unclear what residential strata insurance is, why you need it and what it covers.

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Who is Flex Insurance for?

For Insurance Brokers Icon

For Insurance Brokers

Flex insurance is so flexible and simple that you don’t need to be a strata insurance specialist to provide your customers with an affordable, customised residential strata insurance policy to best suit their needs.

For Strata Managers Icon

For Strata Managers

As a Strata Manager you juggle many hats. Flex takes the complexity out of arranging Residential Strata Insurance with a simple and affordable solution.

For Self Managed Schemes Icon

For Self Managed Schemes

If you choose to self manage your scheme, Flex offers a simple and straight forward insurance solution, cutting through the confusing jargon so you can confidently choose the right cover for your building.

Flex Insurance is here to help